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The greatest achievement of any sales professional today is to increase customer awareness of you and your services, and do it cost effectively. Marketing and advertising your business is very simple. A customer needs to think of you first and foremost.



Sweetsong Productions produces "audio business cards" that gives a prospect your important message in a short length of time. Reach your prospect using professional voice talent and royalty-free music that makes your message interesting and intriguing.


  • An audio business card carrying your message can make a stronger impact with 100% attention.
  • An audio business card allows a listener to stop, or even rewind your message to hear at their own pace.
  • An audio business card can be used for sales, marketing, educating, training and promoting all in a very convenient form.

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Small size, Big presentation

Image 1 Click here for demo They easily fit in a wallet or shirt pocket, and can hold up to 1.2 GB of information. An audio business card is a powerful tool and can be used for personal distribution, tradeshows, sales presentations, mailings or leave-behinds: anywhere you want to make an impact! Card Discs are for playback use in tray drives only.

Top ten reasons for audio business cards

  1. An audio business card will open doors you find difficult
  2. Save your prospect valuable time
  3. Share your story to a prospect in a professional manner
  4. Provide more information than typical business cards
  5. An audio business card has the feel of value and importance
  6. It intrigues: will be listened to simply because of curiosity
  7. Audio business cards demand attention with sound
  8. It's an infomercial that provides information you want to share
  9. Your audio business card can also run on your website
  10. Excellent investment (Great impact and generate action)